Suzuki Guitar Lessons for Children: Annual Costs Apply - Pai

Terms & Conditions of Suzuki Guitar Lesson times & payments are available and set out here online, and within the parent contract: There are 6 terms each year. Within each term there are an average of 6 weekly one to one lessons and 3 hourly group sessions, or ensemble practice sessions. A Minimum of 36 x 1-2-1 Lessons per year. Your lesson day and time will be agreed at the beginning of the year and will remain consistent throughout the remainder of the year, unless it is mutually agreed by both parties that a day and time change is acceptable. This agreement of a mutually acceptable day and time is inherent in the parental contract - no absence or missed lessons or sessions are refundable. lessons missed due to holidays taken inside of guitar term times are not refundable. IF YOU CHOSE A "VERSATILE" (MIS AND MATCH) APPROACH TO LEARNING AND SIGN UP AS A SUZUKI STUDENT - THEse SUZUKI TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY.

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Payment Terms

Classical & Acoustic Lessons are charged for a full term. Payable in full at the end of the preceding term.

Suzuki Lessons require a deposit and are then payable by monthly instalments.

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