Lesson Options


Classical Guitar Lessons

Classical Guitar lessons are taught individually 1-2-1 on a classical guitar. 

Constructed of a variety of natural woods. Built with a hollow, braced soundbox. The classical guitar comes in a variety of sizes and typically has 6 strings. These are generally referred to as 'nylon' strings. The 3 trebles are typically clear, whilst the 3 basses are metal wound over multi-filament nylon cores.

The term 'Classical Guitar' also refers to a 'style' of music that is learnt. Often considered to be the 'traditional' way to learn guitar, it incorporates many styles of diverse music from different eras - classical, romantic, renaissance, baroque and modern. 

It requires the student to learn to read 'music notation' in the treble clef, which is one of the most commonly shared musical written languages.


Suzuki Guitar Lessons

Suzuki Lessons combine 1-2-1 lessons PLUS 'group' or 'ensemble' lessons. This almost doubles the amount of teaching time a Suzuki child receives.

The Syllabus is set, which allows for a consistency across all teachers and countries across the world.

Emphasis is placed upon the aural tradition of music, and technique is built systematically through the syllabus.

Listening to music and parental involvement is important in the Suzuki Traditions.

The Parent will be expected to receive a first lesson before the child begins to learn.

Remember that Suzuki Guitar Students receive both solo lessons and additional group lessons as part of their tuition

Payments are made monthly over 10 months plus an annual deposit before the commencement of the years lessons. Please see the Suzuki Guitar Lesson Prices


Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Acoustic Guitar lessons typically are geared towards a more contemporary and popular form of music making.

Acoustic Guitars are often constructed from a variety of natural woods, but the strings can be either nylon (as a classical guitar), or 'steel-string'. Some acoustic guitar can also be amplified. 

Lessons will include learning to read notation, and the 'Tab' music (applicable to guitarists only). Along with chords and chord progressions.

Styles may include finger-style guitar, melodic and harmonic forms and rhythm guitar. A varied selection of music may be learnt - from popular to country, and from folk styles to jazz.



Whilst you may be interested in only one of these options, the versatility of my teaching style allows me to mix and match to yours or your child's needs.

Prices are dependent upon your lesson choices. Prices can be paid Termly or Monthly (after payment of an annual deposit).

Suzuki Guitar Lessons receive almost double the teaching time, whilst Classical and Acoustic lessons may consist of only 1 lesson per week during term times.