Sinichi Suzuki - A Beautiful Heart - A Beautiful Tone

SINICHI SUZUKI: A Beautiful Heart - A Beautiful Tone.

A young girl shares her thoughts and research about Sinichi Suzuki via her Year 8 Project.

I thought this was great - so decided to share it here on my site!

The Sound of Success

A lovely video on the development of Suzuki Guitar Method in the USA. It is a lovely introduction to the Suzuki Method for those interested in what it actually is.
The USA has a much more established Suzuki Guitar School - I have spent several years trying to get this method here into the UK. I gradually integrated it into my standard teaching model - as I realised that the art of developing the 'language of music' as a first tongue was so key to inspiring musical communication in all students.

Jessica Waltz

In 3 Parts with Guitar accompaniment. A little bit of fun!


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