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For Young People

I began training as a Suzuki Guitar Teacher a couple of years ago, after spending several years encouraging the European Suzuki Association to engage a Suzuki Guitar Teacher from abroad, to begin the process of teaching UK Guitar Teachers.

Prior to my Suzuki trainings, I had been developing and incorporating aspects of musical theory and creative music making into my lessons with young people for some years previously.

It is wonderful to now have the addition of the Suzuki Method as part of my teaching package for young people.

The Suzuki philosophy and approach fits my own thoughts on teaching and music education so well - and I am grateful to the wonderful teachings of our American trainer, MaryLou Roberts, and her efforts in bringing Suzuki training over to the UK.

As well as a guitar teacher, I am an intuitive artist, and also work in various therapeutic capacities, working in the field of emotional wellbeing and the creative and expressive arts.

Suzuki and Steiner are two pioneering philosophers and educational activists of the twentieth century that I greatly admire, and I aim to continue and support their views by fostering a whole person approach to learning and particularly in relation to our creative expression. 

By adopting the philosophies that Suzuki and Steiner outlined, we are personally aligning with the belief that life is the expression of a process of structural developments, that allow each individual child to develop a competent and free-flowing language and connection to their unique creative expression.

As parents, and as teachers, if we believe this with all our hearts, then it is incumbent upon us all to collectively nurture our young children, encouraging their personal growth and facilitating the evolution of the whole young person as a loving, feeling and sentient being.

It is my personal joy and privilege to do this work and to bring the mastery of playing "the guitar" to all those young souls who are moved and enchanted by it's soulful tones.

The classical guitar is such a wonderful creative outlet, helping to provide emotional balance and a heart-felt creative method of personal expression to all who play. 

I hope my legacy is to share this gift with all who are called to it.


Suzuki & Guitar Lineage


Mary Lou Roberts

Deborah's Suzuki Teacher Trainer.

Teacher-Trainer for SAA, throughout Central and South America, USA, Australia & Ireland.

Director of Ann Arbor Suzuki Guitar Institute.

Guitar Tutoring, workshops and Masterclasses include the following renown guitarists and composers:

Manuel Barrueco

Sharon Isbin

Angel Romero

David Russell

Gilbert Biberian (composer)

Bill Kossler


Deborah Wiggins-Hay

Teacher, Composer & Performer

Suzuki Guitar Method

Classical & Acoustic Guitar Teacher

Founder of New Music in Brighton

Creator of Sound Healing & Creative Solutions Programs

Cornelius Cardew Composition Competition Shortlist

Guitar Teachers of note that Deborah has had lessons with, including workshops and masterclasses:

Bill Kanengiser

Scott Tennant

Leo Brouwer

Paul Gregory

Simon James (Acoustic Alchemy)

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Parental Visits for Newbies :-)

Before I would start to teach your son or daughter, I always like to meet with you, the parent(s). 

In our meeting we will cover important information about how you will support your childs development in the language of guitar.

Before your child begins lessons with me, I will provide a lesson for the parent, so that you can better support your child.

Deborah Wiggins-Hay: Suzuki Guitar Method

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