The Art of Sound - The Gentle Sounds of Classical Guitar

Investing in your child comes in many different guises. 

Our investment may be seen in our spending time and money on opening the hearts and minds of our beloved children. In encouraging their dreams and creating potential ways that they can explore their emotions, passions, joys and sorrows. Music is a language that gives this gift to your child!

It is the language of 'life' that we are investing in when we open up these creative possibilities for our children!

In this regard, it is the 'Art of Sound' that is  often the first thing which 'resonates' with a person who choses the classical guitar as their instrument of creative expression.

It is a gentle and soulful instrument - that moves deeply within the heart.


Invest in the Best

There are many things to consider when choosing which instrument to invest time and money in, once you have committed to learning to play.

There is new equipment to buy and a place needs to be created in the home for practice time. Then there is the time to travel each week to lessons and groups and daily time you will invest at home to support your child's practice. 

Before any of these investments are made - make sure that the 'sound' of the guitar speaks to your son or daughter.

Invest in the most sonorous and beautiful sounding instrument that you can afford. It will be the smallest part of the overall investment you are making - but it is the 'instrument' through which your child will begin to explore their musical language and creativity.


The Guitar Lessons

Lessons are available for all ages: from Children through to Adults.

All Ages and Abilities are Welcomed!

1-2-1 Lessons are varied from 20 minutes per week (for beginners) up to 1 hour.

You may wish to check out the "Different Types of Guitar Lessons" available on the (yellow) link above, before deciding on which type of guitar lessons you would like.

Suzuki Guitar Lessons include Group Sessions which are included in the cost of  the Suzuki learning package, and it is important that your child attends these as well as their individual lessons.

Classical and Acoustic Guitar Lessons do not include the Group Sessions in their pricing.

Overcoming performance nerves, playing in groups, musicianship and listening to others is just a small part of the lessons we expand on through the 'Group Session' part of our Suzuki  practice.